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Ma. Corazon Santos Jun 25th, 2020

Language Test Tips and Guides

Language Test Tips and Guides for Applicants

Here are some of the tips that I can share with you for each part of the Language Test. Good luck!

I. Exam Part

Tips You Can Easily Implement

Data Entry

  1. Make sure that you read first the instructions carefully before filling out anything.
  2. After you’ve answered everything on any given page, go over the questions or instructions again and review your answers before proceeding to the next page.

Language Proficiency

  1. Read each phrase or statement at least twice before answering. This will familiarize your mind to identify what needs to be corrected.
  2. If it doesn’t sound right, most of the time it’s wrong. So try to read each phrase and statements orally and listen to it.
  3. Don’t rush, but also don’t take too much time on one question. Read each statement twice, if you’re still having a hard time answering the questions after you’ve read it, skip it first and just go back to it if you still have time.
  4. Here’s one of my favorites: watch an English movie or tv series first (without subtitles) before taking the exam. This will get you in the groove for conversing in English.


II. Phone Screening Test


  1. Make sure that your mouth is not so far from the microphone. 
  2. Speak up. Don’t murmur and speak on your normal tone and voice.
  3. Don’t rush. Say every word in your normal speed, more slowly if needed, so you can articulate each word properly.
  4. Smile while you’re taking this part of the test. Imagine you’re only speaking to a friend. This will relieve the pressure off you and make you feel that you’re just having a normal conversation.


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